Nuclear Educational Networks

ACSEPT - Actinide Recycling by Separation and Transmutation

ACTINET-I3 - ACTINET integrated Infrastructure Initiative

ADRIANA - Advanced Reactor Initiative And Network Arrangement

AFRA-NEST - AFRA-Network for Education of Nuclear Science and Technology

ANENT - Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology

BNEN - Belgian Nuclear Higher Education Network

BRRN - Baltic Research Reactor Network

CAPTURE - Nuclear Knowledge Management

CARRN - Central Africa Research Reactor Network

CORONA – Establishment of a Regional Center of Competence for VVER Technology and Nuclear Applications

CHERNE - Co-operation for Higher Education on Radiological and Nuclear Engineering

CINCH - Co-operation in Education in Nuclear Chemistry

CRRC - Caribbean Research Reactor Coailition

DISPONET - IAEA International Low Level Waste Disposal Network

EAN - European ALARA Network

EARRC - Eurasia Research Reactor Coalition

EFNUDAT - European Facilities for Nuclear Data Measurements

ENEN - European Nuclear Education Network

ENETRAP - European Network on Education and Training in Radiological Protection

ENSTTI - European Nuclear Safety Training and Tutoring Institute

ENVIRONET - Network of Environmental Management and Remediation

ESARDA - European Safeguards Research and Development Association

EURADOS - European Radiation Dosimetry Group

EERRI - Eastern Europe Research Reactor Initiative

ERINDA - European Research Infrastructures for Nuclear Data Applications

EUTERP - European Training and Education in Radiation Protection

F-BRIDGE - Basic Research for Innovative Fuel Design for GEN IV systems

GENTLE - Graduate and Executive Training and Lifelong Education

GNSSN - Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network 

HERCA - Heads of Radiation Protection Authorities

IDN - International Decommissioning Network 

IGDTP - Implementing Geological Disposal Technology Platform

INSEN - International Nuclear Security Education Network

IRPA - International Radiation Protection Association

JN-HRD Net - Japan Nuclear Human Resources Development Network 

LABONET - International Network of Laboratories for Nuclear Waste Characterisation

LANENT - Latin America Network for Education in Nuclear Technology 

MCNEG - UK Forum for users of Monte Carlo, Neutron, Electron and Gamma Radiation Transport Codes 

MELODI - Multidisciplinary European Low Dose Initiative

MRRN - Mediterranean Research Reactor Network

MYRRHA - Multi-Purpose Hybrid Research Reactor for High-Tech Applications

NAILS - Nuclear Academic Industry Liaison Society

NANSS - Nordic Academy for Nuclear Safety and Security

NUCLEAR - Nuclear Universities Consortium for Learning, Engagement and Research 

NUGENIA -  Nuclear Generation II & III Association

NULIFE - Nuclear Plant Life Prediction

NuSaSET - Nuclear Safeguards and Security Education and Training

NTEC - Nuclear Technology Education Consortium

PETRUS - E&T on Geological Disposal of Radioactive Wastes

RWIN - Radioactive Waste Immobilisation Network

SARNET - Severe Accident Research Network

SNETP - Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform

SRP -UK Society for Radiological Protection

ThorEA - Thorium Energy Association

TRASNUSAFE - Training Scheme On Nuclear Safety Culture

TRIGA Network -Training, Research, Isotopes, General Atomics Network

UNENE - University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering

URF - Underground Research Facilities Network