UK University Nuclear Courses

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University of Birmingham
B.Sc. in Nuclear Science and Materials
M.Eng. in Nuclear Engineering
M.Sc. in Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors
M.Sc. in Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management

University of Bristol
MSc in Nuclear Science and Engineering

University of Cambridge
BA/MEng undergraduate engineering programme
includes modules in Nuclear Power Engineering and Sustainable Energy. Energy Sustainability and the Environment is one of ten specialisations available in years 3 and 4.
MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development
MPhil in Nuclear Energy - flyer available here

University of Central Lancashire
M.Sc. in Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards
PGDip in Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguards
PGCert in Nuclear Security and Safeguards
PGCert in Nuclear Safety
FDEng Nuclear Engineering
MEng in Energy Engineering
BEng in Energy Engineering
FDEng Nuclear Engineering (Decommissioning)

Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
M.Sc. Nuclear Advanced Course

University of Glasgow
M.Sc. in Nuclear Technology

Imperial College London
M.Eng. in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
M.Eng. in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering
M.Eng. in Materials and Nuclear Engineering

M.Sc. in Advanced Nuclear Engineering 

Lancaster University
B.Eng in Nuclear Engineering
M.Eng in Nuclear Engineering

University of Leeds
M.Eng./B.Eng. Chemical and Nuclear Engineering

University of Liverpool
B.Sc. in Physics with Nuclear Science
M.Sc. in Nuclear Science and Technology
M.Sc. in Radiometrics: Instrumentation and Modelling

The University of Manchester
M.Sc. in Nuclear Science and Technology
A summary of the nuclear courses offered by The University of Manchester is available at the Dalton Nuclear Institute website
M.Phil in Nuclear Engineering
B.Sc./M.Phys. undergraduate Physics programme includes modules in Nuclear Physics, Applied Nuclear Physics, Physics of Energy Sources and extensive nuclear laboratory practical work

Nottingham Trent University
B.Sc. in Physics with Nuclear Technology 

Nuclear Technology Education Consortium (NTEC)
M.Sc, Diploma, Certificate and CFD programme

University of Sheffield
M.Eng. in Chemical Engineering with Nuclear Technology
M.Eng. in Materials Science with Nuclear Engineering
M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering with Nuclear Technology
M.Sc. in Nuclear Science and Technology

University of Surrey
M.Sc. in Radiation and Environmental Protection
M.Sc. in Nuclear Science and Applications

University of the West of Scotland
B.Sc. in Physics with Nuclear Technology