EuroCourse 5

Compliance of Contractors with Safety Systems
A course for managers the Nuclear Industry.

21 -23 May 2014

Bratislava and Mochovce NPP, Bobyho, Slovakia

The primary intent of this seminar is to make managers of both contracting companies and contractors aware of impacts their activities to nuclear safety of facilities in built, operation or decommissioning.

Main learning outcomes:

• Knowledge and understanding of essential responsibilities, accountability and the role of management in building, promoting and encouraging safety culture;
• General knowledge of the context of organisational systems for Radiation Protection, Safety and Safety Culture;
• Knowledge about management systems and understanding of the possible impact of decisions on nuclear safety

Training methodology:

The course will be facilitated in a highly interactive manner.

The first day of this three-day training course consists in a condensed version of the generic training module, providing  managers with the appropriate fundamentals in view of improving the safety culture in their organisations and developing  excellence in human performance to proactively prevent events triggered by human error. This part can be skipped by those having already followed the full two-day training on “Managerial competences and leadership for safety culture”.

Pre-course: Before the training session, all participants will receive some suggested pre-course reading (IAEA documents, reference documents).

Solving problem session: the participants are requested to propose case studies including policy documents, process flow description and an incident report mentioning corrective actions. This information should be given at the beginning of the training to the mentor for possible selection.

A Detailed Course Programme is available here.  

Accommodation will be reserved at the Bobiranc Hotel, Novy Tekov, further details are available at

The course will take place in the training facilities of the Mohovce NPP.

Meeting point: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava; Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Ilkovičova 3; Bratislava (part Mlynská dolina); pavilion A.

Departure to Bobbi’s Ranch: Tuesday 20th May 2014 at 6 P.M.

Participation fee

€650 (including accommodation in the Bobbi’s Ranch, meals, transport from Bratislava to accommodation at Bobbi’s Ranch in Nový Tekov, daily transports from Bobbi’s Ranch to Information and Training Centre Mochovce (ITCM room Neptun), lunch at Horáreň Nový Tekov – ITCM, after finishing programme in ITCM transport back to Bobbi’s Ranch, refreshments during breaks, printed textbooks)

€100 (without accommodation, meals, transports) only for onsite participants


Deadline for payment of the EUROCOURSE5 participation fee is April 21, 2014. Bank transfer commission fees should be covered by the participant. Please do not forget to fill in "Payment description", that allows your payment to be traced.

Bank name: Štátna pokladnica
Bank address: Radlinskeho ulica 32, 810 05 Bratislava 15, Slovakia
Account name: Slovenská technická univerzita; Vazovova 5; 812 43 Bratislava 1, Slovakia
Account number: 7000321850
IBAN: SK1881800000007000321850
Payment description: EUROCOURSE5 - family name


Please fill and submit this Registration Form to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; with copy to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Training team:

Vladimir Slugen, Coordinator-Facilitator
STUBA, Director of Institute of Nuclear and Physical Engineering
Jozef Tomek, Facilitator
Slovenske elektrarne, a.s., Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection 
 Mario Gonzalez - Facilitator
Tecnatom staff member; Safety Culture expert; Certified INPO-WANO facilitator
  Jozef Markus, Expert Lecturer
VUJE, a.s., Safety culture expert,
  Peter Uhrik, Expert Lecturer
Director General, 
Department of Safety Evaluation and Inspection Activities, Slovak Nuclear Regulatory Authority
Jan Nano, Expert Lecturer
Severe accident expert at Slovenské Elektrárne (Slovak Electric)

Jan Hascik, Mentor