Pascal Croüail's Lectures

Basic Principles of Radiological Protection

The optimisation of the radiological protection principle (also known  as ‘ALARA’),  has  been  implemented  for decades  by professionals in all sectors where ionising radiations are used. The key role of optimisation has been re-emphasized in the ‘2007 ICRP Recommendations for a System of Radiological Protection’ (ICRP 103), to be included in the new European Basic Safety Standards and national regulations in the forthcoming years : the principle of optimisation of radiation protection is defined by the Commission as the source-related process to keep the magnitude of individual doses, the number of people exposed, and the likelihood of potential exposure as low as reasonably achievable below the appropriate dose constraints, with economic and social factors being taken into account. According to the revised recommendations of the ICRP, this process of optimisation below constraint should be applied whatever the exposure situation i.e. planned, emergency, and existing.

One of the objectives of the course is to provide managers an up-to-date understanding on the ALARA principle, the scientific knowledge which is behind its rationale as well as the precaution and ethics principles that guide its implementation which reflects an increasing role of individual equity, safety culture, and stakeholder involvement in our modern societies.