EuroCourse 2

Setting Up A Management System
A Course For Managers In The Nuclear And Healthcare Sector

31st March - 2nd April 2014

This three-day training course is designed in the framework of the TRASNUSAFE project, following extensive consultations with users of both radiation and the nuclear industry. It is aimed at managers from the different sectors and will provide insight into the overall management concept designed for nuclear and healthcare facilities. It consists of a generic module on ‘Managerial competences and leadership for safety culture’, and a specialised module on the setup of a management system with a large emphasis on radiation safety and safety culture.


SCK•CEN Club-House Mol, Belgium 

The SCK•CEN Club-House is a hotel located in the municipality of Mol, in the Campine area of Flanders. It is located adjacent to the technical domain of the SCK•CEN research centre, next to a beautiful lake, and provides a perfect environment for courses and workshops.

Course Content

• Responsibilities, importance and role of management in setting up a management system
• Context of integrated management systems, including resource management and process implementation
• Graded approach in the requirements of a management system, in terms of documentation and resources
• Implementation of an incident notification system within a management structure
• Measurement, assessment & improvement of a management system
• Case studies will be used to illustrate these themes

Further details regarding learning outcomes can be found

Module Preparation

The participants are invited to read in advance the following references:

• IAEA Safety Requirements GS-R-3: ”The Management System for Facilities and Activities”(2006)
• IAEA Safety Guides GS-G-3.1: ”Application of the Management System for Facilities and Activities” (2006)
• IAEA Safety Standard GS-G-3.5: ”The Management System for Nuclear Installations” (2009)

All participants are encouraged to prepare a description of one specific case concerning an incident in safety, and focusing on organizational aspects they are facing in their own organization. Those cases fitting best the aims of the seminar will be selected by the Facilitator for the problem solving sessions. These descriptions need to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Thursday March 27, and they will only be used for the benefit of this course, and will only be shared between with the attendees.

The participants are also invited to bring one example of a policy and a process map (or at least one process flow) of their own organisation. These documents will be used in the exercises during the course.

Course Fee

The course fee is € 1600, including the course fee, course material, and two nights’ accommodation including coffee breaks and meals. In case the participants need an extra night on Sunday, please inform us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Course Registration

Register for this Eurocourse 2 via the SCK•CEN Academy website

Delivery Team

Mario Gonzalez - Lead Facilitator
Tecnatom staff member, Spain; Safety Culture expert; Certified INPO-WANO facilitator

Christian Lefaure - Expert Lecturer
Senior Consultant in Radiological Protection, National Coordinator of the French regional Radiological Protection officers and Qualified Expert networks, Chair of the IAEA-ISEMIR (International System on Occupational Exposure in Medicine, Research and Industry)


Peter Storey – Mentor and Facilitator on course day 2 and 3
Professor at the University of Central Lancashire Nuclear Centre, UK; ex-Director of Nuclear Research at HSE/Nuclear Installations Inspectorate


Peter Vermaercke - Expert Lecturer
Senior scientist at SCK•CEN, Belgium; responsible for Integrated Management Systems; expert in IMS

Tom Clarijs – Expert Lecturer
Project collaborator at the SCK•CEN Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology, SCK•CEN, Belgium; experienced in medical physics

Andrej Prošek - Expert Lecturer
Senior Research Associate at Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Mitja Uršič – Expert Lecturer
Research assistant at Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia