Mario Gonzalez's Lectures

Excellence in Human Performance

The purpose of this subject is to avoid incidents occurring as a result of human error.

This is achieved by exploring the behavior of people and the leader and by exploring the processes and values of the organisation that cause or prevent the error.

A practical way of thinking will be promoted to help people to imagine actual or potential risks associated with human performance in a more creative way. Despite the effectiveness of the functions of plant equipment, despite the good level of training, oversight and procedures, and despite the good way in which workers, engineers and managers carry out their tasks, people cannot do better than the organization that supports them.

Human error is the result of a set of conditions related not only to an individual performance but also inappropriate management practices and inadequate leadership and organizational weaknesses.

There will be analysis of the fundamental knowledge of human behavior and of the organisation so that the employee in the organization can manage the events to minimizing human error and avoid incidents.


The managers and supervisors as well as the employees must manage the events that exist before the error happens. No one can anticipate how a problem that seems trivial can influence individual performance at work. Issues that cause plant or human performance errors are everywhere and must be eliminated systematically and at every opportunity. Therefore, monitoring should be a characteristic of the attitude and behavior of everyone in every moment of the day.