EuroCourse 2 Content

Learning Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this training course, the participants will be able to:

In terms of Knowledge
• Understand the concept of management systems;
• Define the role, importance and essential responsibilities of management in setting up a management system;
• State the context of integrated management systems;
• Introduce structure in the management system documentation;Explain requirements regarding human resources and working environment;
• Demonstrate a basic understanding of performing self-assessment and independent assessment of a management system;
• Explain how to control non-conformance by identification, reporting and initial actions and attribute the corrective and preventive actions;
• Explain how to make continuous improvement of a management system;

In terms of Skills
• Develop a questioning attitude towards safety in a management structure;
• Apply a graded approach in the requirements of a management system, in terms of documentation and resources;
• Evaluate resource management, including provision of resources, human resources, infrastructure and working environment resources;
• Identify, analyse and develop organisational policies;
• Develop and implement an incident notification system within the management structure;
• Develop and manage processes, including the review of generic management system processes;
• Carry out the measurement, assessment & improvement of a management system;

In terms of Competences
• Support a strong safety culture embedded in an integrated management system.

Training course programme
The program can be found here.