Mario Gonzalez

Mario Gonzalez - Lead Facilitator

• Safety Management Advisor and Human Performance Project Manager.
• BWR Senior Reactor Operator  1976 General Electric Training Center in Morris (Illinois) ,USA
• Acceptance test engineer in BWR Full Scope Simulator (Cofrentes) during one year in the Singer company (USA) 1978.
• Conducting more than 3.000 hours of BWR full scope simulator
• Technical advisor of CFE Mexican BWR Simulator in the Electrical Research Institute during two and a half years (Mexico).
• Expert and project manager in TACIS projects in East countries (Russia, Ucraine ) in aspects related with training of licensed personnel and managerial activities.
• Training manager for BWR technology during 10 years up to 1999.
• Certified INPO-WANO facilitator for seminars like CRTD (Control Room Teamwork Development) , SSPDS (Shift Supervisor  Professional Development Seminar), CDM (Conservative Decision Making), ODM (Operational Decision Making)..
• Participating at international level as expert in Human Factors with INPO/WANO in Mexico, Brasil, Argentina..
• Working during one full year in General Electric Nuclear Division , San Jose, California in the Lungmen Project (Advanced Boiling Water Reactor) in the DC&IS (Distributed Control &Information Systems) Group.
• Participation as Safety Culture expert with the IAEA in seminar about strengthening safety culture in Ignalina NPP, Lituania. (2002)
• Technical advisor for Vandellos NPP in preparing a Safety Culture Programme.
• Responsible for EPRI relationships for Human Performance programme. (2005).


• Participation in the Program for Improvement key competences in ENUSA (Spanish National Uranium Company) in the design and facilitation of seminars about Human Performance Fundamentals (2007-2008)